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“Kent” is a well known ISO 9001:2000 certified Brand from the “House of “ASHOKA GROUP”.

In 1992 Kent Cables was launched by Ashoka Group to manufacture Cables of world-class standards. Known as ‘the trusted choice’, the Kent brand denotes Quality, Safety, Reliability and Value for money.

Kent has maintained its quality standards since the beginning and due to this, Kent has become a huge success in a short Span of Time. Today, some of the biggest constructions companies choose Kent over other cables and Kent has approval in most of the Government Departments. Even outside India, Kent Cables is a choice of millions. 

Ashoka Group provides products under the brands of Kent, Arkaylite Cables and Cento. The company is ISO 9001:2000 certified and perhaps is the only company in India to provide more than 4000 quality electrical goods under one company. The group is one of the largest cable manufacturers in India and has more than 1,000 dealers and over 20,000 retailers.

Arkaylite Cables was established 4 decades ago by Ashoka Group to provide ‘Right Quality at the Right Price’. Even today, we keep our roots in mind and through consistent quality management system, we always strive to achieve the goal for which the company was established.

Realizing the need of premium quality electrical accessories, in 2006 almost 1000 products were added to Kent product range. Today, Kent provides HRFR and FRLS cables of exceptional quality, Building & Circuit Protection devices, Switches & Wiring Devices, Lighting Solutions, Fans and Power Distribution Equipments. Due to continuous demands, Kent will soon provide you with Armoured Cables.

In 2008, Kent launched 8 attractive Ceiling Fan models available in different colors. At Kent we realize that business is not just about profitability. We are taking steps to combat the environmental challenges of the 21st Century. Among these steps, Kent provides an Energy Saver Ceiling Fan. Even in the Cables, electrolytic grade bright annealed copper is used which helps save energy.

At Kent we are aware that our customers face immense competition. Our operation effectiveness affects our customer’s business performance directly. We believe that the competitive edge can be obtained by providing goods of exceptional quality and timely delivery. The company focuses largely on these factors. To achieve consistent quality, each and every coil of our cables is tested to ensure the amount of copper used is as per the company standards. PVC Compound is a vital raw-material to manufacture safe cables. To ensure premium quality, the group manufacture’s its own PVC compound.

In the past 4 decades we have upgraded our organization as the time changed. We follow Just-In-Time (J I T) technique religiously when it comes to manufacturing. To ensure timely delivery of our products, Kent has set up a state-of-art manufacturing facility in Uttaranchal. Kent has also setting up a fully automated Ceiling Fan production plant.

Kent has a dedicated team to ensure excellent quality of our products. Kent products are available all over the country at a wide network of authorized dealers to cater the needs of all customer segments in India as well as abroad.

Kent Cables are made to ensure complete safety. With Kent products you will always Stay With Power!