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The Ashoka journey began 45 years ago in 1963 when my father Shri Ram Niwas Gupta established the Ashoka Electric Company.

Then a trading house, it did not take us time to realize that there is an opportunity in the Electric Industry to produce cables with ‘Right Quality’ at the ‘Right Price’.

This motto was in mind. This dream soon became a reality when ‘Arkaylite Wires & Cables’ was launched a few years later. 

From a modest beginning with wires and cables, today Ashoka Group has more than 4000 products under the brands of Kent, Arkaylite Cables and Cento. All the three brands are ISI marked and cater to the needs of different market segments. The product range includes Wires & Cables, Building & Circuit Protection devices, Switches & Wiring Devices, Lighting Solutions, Fans and Power Distribution Equipments. Due to continuous demands, we will soon provide you with Armoured Cables.

To meet the ever increasing demands of Kent, Arkaylite and Cento Cables & Accessories, the group is establishing a new state-of-art manufacturing facility at Uttaranchal. We are also setting-up a fully automated Ceiling Fan production plant at Uttaranchal. This is a new step to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. 

At Kent, we realize that our customers face intense competition. Our operation effectiveness impacts our customers’ business performance directly. This area has become of a prime focus of our management team. To face this challenge, we are trying to provide our customers with a Rapid Order Processing Systems. To even go a step further, we are planning to install a system that will enable our customers to see which items are out-of–stock, so that they can plan their orders accordingly.

I wish to add that at Kent we are trying to improve our service. We are taking major steps to provide our customers with goods of excellent quality and ready availability. I want to encourage closer association with our customers. 

I link the success of Kent, Arkaylite Cables & Cento to our valuable customers. Many of our customers have been loyal to us for decades since the beginning of the Ashoka journey. They have provided support to us whenever the Company has faced immense challenges. They have formed the foundation on which Ashoka Group stands tall.

Always Stay With Power!

Thank You.

Ashok Gupta